About our classes

e.motion21 uses the latest research and techniques to develop and teach dance and fitness programs. Our specialist dance teachers are trained to deliver a meaningful experience for all participants.

Specialised programs are offered in seven Victorian locations:  Ballarat, Bendigo, Greensborough, Cranbourne, Geelong, Kew and  Pascoe Vale.

Classes are approximately 50 minutes long and offer a variety of tailored dance genres and music.

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Why participate?

People with Down syndrome possess a set of health, physiological, cognitive and social attributes which places limitations on their physical fitness and physical activity capacities.

Down Syndrome is associated with muscle weakness, decreased dynamic balance and low cardiovascular fitness.

Muscle performance is typically decreased by up to 50 per cent in people with Down syndrome. This can reduce exercise capacity and impede participation in physical activity, putting children and young adults with Down syndrome at a greater risk of health problems such as Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity.

It is vital that people with Down syndrome participate in exercise to maintain their quality of life and capacity. The e.motion21 dance and fitness program addresses this need.

How much does it cost?

Our class fees at e.motion21 are deliberately kept at a minimum to enable all children and young adults to have the opportunity to participate. All fees are invoiced at the beginning of each semester.

Dance Classes

e.motion21 dance classes are $15.00 per session. Each additional dance class (e.g. tap, hip-hop, dance class at another site etc.) is $10.00 per session.

Fitness Classes (Beat FitTM)

Our newest program, Beat FitTM, is $15.00 per session. There is also a once off charge of $45 for your ‘Fit Kit’ which gives you all the equipment you need to complete the Beat Fit at home sessions including: Ball, Base, Drum Sticks, and Instructional DVD.

If fees are a barrier to your child’s participation in the e.motion21 program please email us or speak to us confidentially on (03) 9854 7100.

What to wear

We run a professional dance program and expect all dancers to be appropriately groomed and attired for class each week. Not only is this comfortable for dancing but it also reinforces teamwork and the e.motion21 expectations of participants in the program.

Various t-shirt sizes are available to e.motion21 dancers, which can be purchased via our shop. Dancewear is available at Bloch with a 20% discount off Bloch apparel and footwear all year-round, exclusively for e.motion21 dancers.

Our uniform includes:

  • An e.motion21 t-shirt
  • Black leggings/stretch pants (100% black)
  • Black modesty skirt (optional for girls)
  • Black jazz shoes or dance sneakers (kinder bare feet)
  • Black socks

Style of dancing

We teach many styles of dance including jazz, hip hop, tap, contemporary and Latin, across all age groups.

Style of teaching

e.motion21 prides itself on harnessing the strengths and adapting to the needs of the individual with Down syndrome to enhance their dance ability and success.

  • Our classes use visual cues for our dancers to achieve success.
  • Our classes are structured and routine, and new concepts are introduced slowly and carefully to accommodate all our dancers.
  • Our classes are planned and tested according to the ability of different age groups.
  • Our teachers and volunteers understand the potential of our dancers and work together to achieve success.
  • Our teachers and volunteers understand that ‘resistance to do’ is not stubbornness, it is usually a lack of trust with the situation or inability to fully understand what is required.
  • Our teachers and volunteers utilise visual prompts and allow appropriate learning time.
  • Our teachers and volunteers understand that hypotonia doesn’t equal muscle strength.

What if my location is not listed?

e.motion21 has been contacted from people all around Australia who are asking when we can provide the specialised e.motion21 program in their local community. We plan to strategically respond to these requests by replicating our program and offering new sites to high need areas throughout Victoria and nationally.

Register your interest here

If there are no classes currently available in your area, we will be in contact when we have at least 12 participants who have registered interest in your area.

188 High Street, Kew VIC 3101
phone: +61 3 9854 7100

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