Participant Family & Friends Advisory Group

The Board of e.motion21 places great value in the opinion, input and feedback of the participants, parents, family and friends of those associated with the organisation. This feedback informs the organisations strategy. To ensure a constructive, accessible and timely mechanism to receive this input, the Board has convened a Participant Family & Friends Advisory Group.

The Committee is Chaired by a nominee of the Chair of the Board. To guide the activities of the Advisory, Terms of Reference and a member position description have been developed. Annually, the Advisory review the performance of its members and as an Advisory and is reported to the Board.

The purpose of the Advisory is to support and contribute to e.motion21’s Continuous Quality Improvement agenda to facilitate the growth and success of the organisation. Responsibilities of the Advisory will include provide feedback on the experience of those participating in e.motion21 classes; make suggestions to improve and expand the services offered by e.motion21; provide input on policies and procedures of the organisation relevant to service delivery; and provide input into the development of strategic priorities for the Board’s consideration.

Name Local Site Email Comments
Roy Lange Chair.
Lynn Grey Pascoe Vale Usually attends the Pascoe Vale site weekly. Alternatively email.
Karen Woodward Kew Usually attends the Kew (YMCA & occasionally Villa Maria) site. Alternatively email.
Leonie White Greensborough
Garry Zimmerman Hoppers Crossing Usually attends the Hoppers Crossing site. Alternatively email.