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NDIS Provider registration no: 67285627

 Where are e.motion21 programs categorised under the NDIS ?

e.motion 21 provides specialised group – based, dance and fitness classes for people with Down syndrome. As an accredited disability service provider under the NDIS , e.motion21 has undergone a rigorous accreditation and compliance process against both the Human Serv ices Standards (HSS) as delineated by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the National Standards for Disability Service (NSDS). As a result of this, all aspects of service delivery are compliant and standardised so that e.motion21 is providing the highest level of disability support for all participants .

e.motion21 programs are developed using an evidence – based practice model. What this means is that both the dance and Beat Fit ™ programs are independently evaluated by a research team to ensure that e.motion21 are providing programs that deliver the promised outcomes for all participants including: increased wellbeing amongst participants; increased social and community participation; and increased emotional safety for participants.

How can I use my NDIS funds to participate in e.motion21 classes?

When you attend your planning meeting with your designated NDIA planner you will need to discuss your individual goals. The planner will then work with you to identify supports and services that can assist you in meeting those goals.

e.motion21 is categorised under the NDIA as a core support, ‘ Group Based Community, Social and Recreational Activities’ . This category has two sub – categories that apply to the e.motion21 program and which are charged at a NDIS specified price : 1. ‘Group Based Activities 1:2 ratio’ and 2. ‘Group Based Activities in a Centre’ . Either one of these support categories may be included in your NDIS plan in relation to the e.motion21 program.

Effective 1 July 2017 (subject to revision by the NDIS July 2018) the applicable line items are:
04_111_0136_6_1 for day time classes
04_114_0136_6_1 for  evening classes (8pm onwards)
04_112_0136_6_1 for Saturday class
You can also include the concert contribution in your planned budget.
Plan budget example:  2018: Period of classes 29 January 2018 to 22 December 2018.
04_112_0136_6_1 for Saturday class (40 classes x $$31.02 =$1,240.80*+$35 concert contribution = $1,275.80.
*Prices: Note NDIS price guide effective 1 July 2017 used. Effective July 2018 we will revise prices in line with changes reflected in the 2018/2019 NDIS price guide.The NDIS price for services is set by the NDIA and is reviewed annually.  e.motion21 reserves the right to change the price of its services in accord with any changes made by the NDIA to service pricing.

An example of how an e.motion21 program might be included in your individual plan could be similar to the following example goals:
Goal: ‘ To spend time outside the home with people other than mum, dad or carer ’
Goal: ‘To participate in group based community, social and recreational activities in order to develop gross motor skills and increase social participation.’

e.motion21 programs can be identified as a service that can support individuals in achieving goals similar to those mentioned above.

It is important to note that the NDIS is designed to give you, the participant, ‘choice and control’ over selecting services to meet your needs as outlined in your life goals. However, the NDIA also has the mandate to decide what supports for a participant are a ‘reasonable and necessary’ use of government funding.


e.motion21 complies with the Human Services Standards (HSS, Dept Human Services, Vic) and the National Standards for Disability Services (please see table below).

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 3.44.24 pm
In order to maintain compliance and certification, e.motion21 undergoes annual independent surveillance audits with a major independent audit conducted every three years.  For these audits, e.motion21 uses Quantum Certification Services.  Quantum is appointed by the NDIA to conduct audits of NDIS registered service providers.

NDIA Managed?  Self-Managed?  Or, do you have a Financial Intermediary?

When completing your enrolment form/service agreement with e.motion21 it is imperative that you let us know how your fees will be paid.  This ensures that invoices can be processed easily and that your participant can gain ready access to our service.

Your payment options are:

  1. NDIS Managed – this means that e.motion21 can access your NDIS funds via the NDIA portal directly. You will still receive an invoice for your information but you do not pay us directly.
  2. Self–Managed (NDIS) – you are an NDIS participant but are managing all payments yourself. You will be invoiced and will pay the NDIS rate directly then apply to the NDIA for reimbursement.
  3. Financial Intermediary – whether you are a NDIS participant or are still yet to come under the scheme and so have funding through another support agency, if you have another agent (eg Moira, Yooralla) acting on your behalf please note this on your e.motion21 enrolment form/service agreement. All invoices will then be sent to your Financial Intermediary who will distribute your funding accordingly.

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