Committees of the Board

FARM – Finance Audit & Risk Management Committee

The Board of e.motion21 is responsible for the organisations governance. They set the strategy to fulfil the vision of e.motion21 and provide oversight and advice on how the strategy is to be achieved. To ensure the finance, audit & risk management of the organisation is considered and advised upon by those with the appropriate experience and expertise a Committee of the Board has been convened.

The Committee is Chaired by the nominee of the Board. To guide the activities of the Committee, Terms of Reference and a member position description have been developed. Annually, the Committee review the performance of its members and as a Committee and is reported to the Board.

The Committee aims to assist the Board in the effective conduct of its responsibilities for financial management and reporting, management of risk, accreditation, maintaining a reliable system of internal controls and ensure compliance with legislation.

Membership of the Committee includes:

Jason Chequer         Nominee of the Board and Committee Chair
Kate Billings             Committee Member
Cate Sayers              Chief Executive Officer and Committee Member