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Your Details

Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering with e.motion21. Volunteers play a vital role at e.motion21 and we certainly couldn’t deliver our programs without them. All volunteer applications are reviewed with consideration of current volunteer opportunities.
(insurance conditions apply)

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Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunities

e.motion21 is committed to equal opportunities and all volunteer recruitment decisions will be based on merit, suitability for the role and experience. All volunteer recruitment decisions will be made regardless of gender, ethnic origin, religious belief, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or any other individual characteristic which may unfairly affect a person’s opportunities in life. e.motion21 fully endorses a working environment free from discrimination and harassment.
To learn what opportunities are now available please go to what positions are currently available

Availability & Skills

Availability & Skills

Please select all those that are applicable:
Refer to our website under Class Information for details of each dance site e.g. location, days/class times
Annual concert administration support (for May-October)
Office administration during office hours (specify regular or for special projects only)

Your skills

Please select all those that are applicable
(e.g. current employment/volunteer/student/at home/retired etc)

Working with children & police check

Working With Children Card

  • Obtain a copy of the form – to be obtained by the volunteer from From the home page click on ‘Resources’ to request a hard copy of the form to be mailed OR apply on-line also from the Home page, click on ‘Applications’/’apply for a check’ then click on ‘start application’ to complete the application on-line.
  • Complete the form –
    the volunteer will need to print the form if completed on-line and ensure that e.motion21 is included as the name of the volunteer organisation.
    Address: 188 High Street, Kew, 3101.
  • Provide a photo (passport standard) –
    together with your completed form and lodge with any Australia Post outlet.
  • Send e.motion21 a copy of your receipt issued or show our site manager
  • WWC Check will be processed by the post office for free and your card sent to you usually within 2 weeks.
  • Photocopy the front and back of the card and scan or post (address above) to e.motion21 at
(png,jpg,gif,pdf) If you don't have access to a scanner now you, please email us a copy later at

Police Check

  • Provide proof of identity documents for sighting – the volunteer needs to provide proof of identity documents (at least 100 points as stipulated in the form e.g. passport =70 points, drivers license = 40 points) to an approved third party for sighting (e.g. a policeman/woman, pharmacist, e.motion21 Volunteer Coordinator or dance site manager).
  • Obtain a copy of the form – the Program Coordinator will email this to you
  • Verification – the approved third party must sign the VERIFICATION box on the form once they have sighted the proof of identity documents.
  • Volunteer must sign the form as the applicant
  • Volunteers are advised to double check all fields are fully completed including dates for previous addresses lived in during the last 5 years and remember to sign the form as the applicant on the last page!
  • Send (scan or post) to e.motion21 the completed form TOGETHER with photocopies of the proof of identity documents (e.g. passport and drivers license) to: or
    e.motion21, 188 High Street, Kew, 3101.
  • Processing will be performed by e.motion21 at no charge to the volunteer through the National CrimCheck database and the volunteer will be advised if the clearance has not been obtained.
(png,jpg,gif,pdf) If you don't have access to a scanner now you, please email us a copy later at

Complete application

Volunteer agreement

Thank you for registering your interest in joining our passionate and dynamic team of volunteers.

e.motion21 is run almost exclusively by volunteers and we could not run our weekly programs and public performances without your support.

Volunteering is mutually rewarding and beneficial. We expect our volunteers to support e.motion21’s vision to enhance lives and change perceptions of Down syndrome within society.

So that you get the most from your e.motion21 volunteering experience, we ask that you:

  • Embody the e.motion21 values of CARE, FUN, RESPECT and LEARNING at all times you are involved in an e.motion21 event (this includes any time at all you are wearing the e.motion21 branded clothing in a public or private setting, even if it is not a formal e.motion21 event)
  • Participate in all relevant induction and training programs for your particular role in the organisation
  • Operate under the direction and supervision of nominated staff
  • Abide by all the class rules of e.motion21 as per the age group in which you have been allocated to support e.g. no touching rule
  • Be punctual and arrive at all e.motion21 events fully prepared, dressed appropriately and ready to fulfil your role as a volunteer
  • Be a role model for health and safety, and comply with WH&S policy (all e.motion21 events are non smoking and alcohol/drug free). Dance class support volunteers are also required to wear the prescribed clothing and footwear
  • Obtain permission for all visual and auditory recording of any aspect of the event or your participation (this includes mobile phone photos/videos)
  • Refer all members of the Press who request comments, photos, opinions, information and interviews to the authorised e.motion21 representative
  • Let us know if you wish to change the nature of your contribution (e.g. hours, role) to e.motion21 at any time
  • e.motion21 Inc. collects and stores information from individuals and organisations for the sole purpose of our organisational activity. In compliance with Privacy laws you are advised and agree that personal information must not be collected, used or disclosed without prior knowledge and consent from the individual. All signatories of our agreement agree not to share, sell or trade information about e.motion21’s employees, volunteers, donors and clients
  • All signatories of our agreement also agree not to share, sell or trade e.motion21’s IP – Intellectual Property
  • Consent for e.motion21 to take and use photographs, video and film footage and audio recordings
  • Under the Information Privacy Act, photographs, videos, film and audio recordings are classified as “personal information”. I agree that e.motion21 may, at its discretion, use photos, videos, voice recordings, the written version of the words spoken in videos, film and voice recordings and identify me using first name only as part of it’s programs and the promotion thereof.
  • The forms of media used may include (but not limited to): YouTube, Facebook, Flicker, Twitter, websites, television, newspapers, newsletters, pamphlets and exhibitions.
  • I understand that I may withdraw my consent to publish the above information at any time by writing to e.motion21 and as a result, e.motion21 will arrange for this information to be removed from all future printed publications.
  • As a volunteer I agree to adhere to the e.motion21 Code of Conduct as outlined in this volunteer agreement.
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e.motion21 takes your privacy seriously. Please read our privacy statement.

If you have any queries please go to our volunteer FAQs.

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